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Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry

More than eight years ago, Dariya Vesna-Verbovaya, founder and designer of the VESNA accessories brand, began to create handmade jewelry. Then they were in single copies and only for a close circle of people. Gradually, the beloved business went beyond the hobby and three years ago, Dasha opened the first VESNA design studio, where the creative process began to gain momentum in production.

Dariya Vesna-Verbovaya

Founder and designer


Inspire women, praise beauty

Today, exclusive handmade VESNA decorations complement the images of thousands women in Ukraine, Russia, Great Britain, France, USA, Australia, Japan, Spain, Sweden, and the Philippines. In addition, the brand creates accessories for representatives of the country at international beauty contests – Miss World, Miss Earth and Miss International. VESNA jewelry began to be worn by girls who had inspired the brand: Alla Kostromicheva, Alina Baykova, Alena Musienko, Polina Tkach, Ayten Novruzova, Polina Logunova, Darina Mitchenko, Nina Levchuk and others.

Wedding line

VESNA’s main direction is the wedding line. “For special occasions we create unique models that will perfectly complement the bride’s image. We know that for every girl it is a special and important day, so we take the responsibility of making it unforgettable,” says Dariya.

Ethically Sourced Jewels & Materials

In addition to wedding models, the brand creates evening and casual accessories: earrings, clips, headbands, wreaths, bracelets, necklaces, tiaras, crowns, tics.
The main materials are English jeweler wire, Czech crystal, Japanese beads, natural fresh-water pearls, medical alloys, Swarovski crystals, natural minerals, French lace and ribbons.

Made with love

Every day VESNA sends dozens of orders to girls in Ukraine and all over the world, and in return receives warm words of gratitude. This is what inspires our team to create jewelry with special love and attention to every detail.

handmade jewelry

individual approach

quality materials

lifetime warranty

love & special attitude